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Yuantong Express has been dependent on domestic carriers’ charter flights and ground transport for its deliveries. YTO Airlines is a Hangzhou-based Chinese express cargo carrier backed by Shanghai YTO Express Investment Group. The carrier currently operates a fleet of Boeing 737-300F airplanes, providing domestic and international air cargo services.








Work Patterns

2 weeks on 2   weeks off

Yearly Income

(excluding contract completion bonus)

268,154 USD   (Calculated on exchange rate of 6.50)

Monthly Income

21,000 USD/M   (Calculated on exchange rate of 6.50)

Monthly service fee

10,000 USD

Monthly labor fee

Flight hours allowance

45,500RMB(based   on 50 block hours per month)

Overtime Pay

1000RMB/H for   the monthly time exceeding 50 hours per month; 100 USD/H for the yearly   flight time exceeding 600 hours



25,000 RMB/Y


20,000 RMB/Y

Contract Completion Bonus

40,000 USD



10,000 RMB/M


10,000 RMB/M

Language training

6,000 RMB/M

Tickets Benefits

60,000 RMB/Y

Relocation Fee

20,000 RMB

Domestic transferring bonusapplying to candidates working in   China with valid CAAC License

8,000 USD

Training Pay

Valid CAAC   ATPL and Class I medical certificate holder: full service fee and full labor   fee; Non-CAAC ATPL holder: 1) from agreement signing date till crew pass   received: 30% service fee plus 30% labor fee 2) from crew pass received date   to passing line check: 70% service fee plus 70% labor fee 

1.      500+ hours PIC

2.      Valid type ratings

3.      No older than 56 years old 

4.      ICAO level 4

5.      Medical class 1

6.      No history of incidents or accidents

7.      Current experience on type within 12 months

Screening Items

Theirs 2 part of the entire screening.

Part 1 (First Trip to China) – Medical check, interview, ATPL written exam, Company SIM Check

Part 2 (Second Trip to China) – CAAC SIM Check


Screening Preparation

1 Visa, Tickets, Hotel

Our recruitment team will assist you with your visa application, tickets and hotel reservations after you pass qualification check. Tickets and hotel fees are cover by the airlines. Usually you need to first purchase a ticket and refund it from the airline after screening.

2 Simulator Assessment

When you pass qualification check, we’ll send you the SIM checklist and relevant profiles.

3 Medical check


Before you come to China, please keep a light diet and better to have some simple check for your organ. Medical tips will be sent to you together with SIM profiles.

FYI. The medical problems that most fail pilots in China are as below.

a. Kidney stone

b. High blood pressure

c. Arrhythmia of the heart

d. Fatty liver GPT ALT high

e. Glaucoma

f. Color blindness - cannot see the figures on the book under a fluorescent lamp

g. Obesity


ATPL Written Exam

During the qualification check, you can start using ATPL self-study materials which we provided. This exam is not that tough as long as you work hard on it.

Hangzhou, is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province in east China. It sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo. Hangzhou grew to prominence as the southern terminus of the Grand Canal and has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last millennium, due in part to its beautiful natural scenery. The city's West Lake is its best-known attraction.


In September 2015, Hangzhou was awarded the 2022 Asian Games. It will be the third Chinese city to play host to the Asian Games after Beijing 1990 and Guangzhou 2010. Hangzhou, an emerging technology hub and home to the e-commerce giant Alibaba, also hosted the eleventh G-20 summit in 2016.


Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (IATA: HGH, ICAO: ZSHC) is the principal airport serving Hangzhou, a major city in the Yangtze River Delta region and the capital of Zhejiang Province, China. The airport is located on the southern shore of Qiantang River in Xiaoshan District and is 27 km east of downtown Hangzhou.


The airport has service to destinations throughout China. International destinations are mainly in east and southeast Asia, and points of Africa, Europe and south Asia.


In 2016, Hangzhou airport handled 31,594,959 passengers, which ranked 10th in terms of passenger traffic in China. In addition, the airport was the country's 7th busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic and the 10th busiest airport by traffic movements.

YTO Airlines

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