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  ● Grand Wings is representative of Lucky Air to recruit A320/330 and B737 captains based in Kunming, Yunnan province, in the southwest of China.

  ● There are 4 working rosters provided by LKE, Residence of 46 days annual leave and 10 days sick leave, 6 weeks on 2 weeks off, 4 weeks on 2 weeks off, and the flexible option of 182 days annual leave which you can apply to work it as 2 weeks on 2 weeks off or 4 weeks on 4 weeks off flexibly.

  ● To be distinguished from other airlines, LKE will provide the Family Fund from $12,000/Y up to $24,000/Y as well. In order to support pilots to settle down well in Kunming.

  ● Besides, pilots who have been working in LKE for over a year can apply for promotion to INTRUCTOR. LKE provides an allowance of $18,000 per year to the pilot once completing relevant training and 3 months’ probation.

Routes8 country served, 82 destinations served, 149 routes served


Kunming, the so called   "spring city", one of the most famous tourism city in China

  ● Lucky Air is a low cost carrier based in Kunming, Yunnan, China. Its base is Kunming Changshui International Airport. The airline is one of the four founding members of the U-FLY Alliance.

B737NG/ A320/ A330 CPTOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4

46 Days Annual Leave,

 10 Days Sick Leave

6 weeks on
2 weeks off
4 weeks on
2 weeks off
(182 Days off
 for one year)
Yearly Income$312,000$290,400$272,400$187,200
Monthly Basic Salary$19,800$18,500$17,500$12,500
Family Fund$24,000$18,000$12,000n/a
Overtime Pay$300/H>900H/Y$260/H>860H/Y$250/H>840H/Y$215/H>700H/Y
Housing Allowance$24,000$24,000$24,000$12,000
Transport Allowance$5,400$5,400$5,400$4,200
Loyalty Bonus

48 months-$5,000; 60 months-$10,000; 72 months-$15,000; 84 months-$15,000; 

96 months-$20,000; 108 months-$25,000 ; after that, every 12 months for $25,000

Other BonusAccording to company policys; Oil Saving Bonus; Birthday Bonus…
Travel Allowance$6,000
Instructor Allowance$18,000 
Ticket Benefits

4 domestic tickets& 60 80%-off tickets per year to the pilot & immediate family members

 within HNA Group Airlines; 

1 extra int'l ticket since the 3rd year; 2 extra int'l ticket since the 7th year.

Training Pay60% during Ground school&80% during Line Training;
For CAAC license holder,80% during Ground school & Line Training.

1. Instructor Allowance: pilots who have been working in LKE for over a year can apply 

for promotion to INTRUCTOR. LKE provides an allowance of $18,000 per year to the

 pilot once completing relevant train and 3 month probation.
2.Tickets: round trip
3.Overtime Pay: option 1-3 are paid by month, Option 4 is paid by year.
4.Holder of CAAC License: ONLY refers to those who have been working China 

before and the CAAC License is still valid.

B737, A320, A330 TR captains
<= 55 years old
5000+ hours total time, 1000 hours PIC on type
Valid Class I Medical Certificate
English Proficiency, ICAO English Level 4 or above
Last Flight Within 12 months

SOP of Applying One Chinese Airlines
Step 1Application EvaluationBy submitting the required documents
Step 2Chinese Visa preparingRelated documents will be provided by GW if needed
Screening preparingATPL written test studying, related study materials will be 
provided by GW
Step 31st trip to ChinaCompany SIM checkIf fails, GW will find you the next suitable airlines.
Meidcal check andGW will provide some related tips before you come to do the check in China.
If medical check fails, the screening will be terminated
ATPL written testIf ATPL written test fails, come back to take the test again in 
28 days. The re-test wont be taken more than 3 times.
Step 42nd trip to ChinaCAAC check rideIf fails, the screening will be terminated
Step 5Onboard

Screening   Schedule
March 23-28

What We Do to be Disdinguished from Other Agency
Flight TicketsFrom our GW account, refund the flight ticket payment to you when you arrive in China
HotelNear CAAC hospital  or SIM centre, based on your screening schedule in China
Local TransportationImmediate assistance when local transportation needed, paid by GW
Possible Medical 
GW will arrange the medical re-check items in hospital, you just need to take the passport, no need to pay


Location: Tongde Kunming Plaza

Average Rent: $500-$1,000/M


Distance Between the Airport




 As one of China’s most diversified provinces, Yunnan is certainly one of China’s most alluring destinations.  Yunnan is home to more than one third of China’s ethnic minorities and over half of the country’s plant and animal species.  The province is blessed by its mixture of traditional folk cultures as well as breath-taking scenery.  Kunming, Yunnan’s capital, resides at an elevation of 1890m and boasts a milder climate than most other Chinese cities.  Celebrated as the "Spring City," Kunming has neither severe winters nor extremely hot summers and can be visited at any time of the year.

  ● Kunming Changshui International Airport is the primary airport serving Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, China. The airport is located 15.2 mi northeast of the city center in a graded mountainous area about 6,900 ft above sea level. The airport opened at 08:00 (UTC+8) on June 28, 2012, replacing the old Kunming Wujiaba International Airport. As a gateway to Southeast and South Asia.

  ● The new airport has two runways (versus the single runway at Wujiaba), and handled 41,980,339 passengers in 2016, making it one of the 50 busiest airports in the world by passenger traffic, the first time it earned this distinction.

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