Etihad Airways and Alitrip Launch Double Eleven Promotional Campaign with Multip


This is the first time that Etihad Airways have participated in the Double Eleven Shopping Festival since launching a flagship store on Alitrip in February, 2017. The airline will offer competitive fares and multiple benefits exclusively on Alitrip, bringing premium services and innovative best-in-class products to a wider range of Chinese guests.

Double Eleven Benefit I:

From November 11th 2017, guests can snap up competitive fares to Asia, Africa and Europe on Etihad Airways' flagship Alitrip store.

Double Eleven Benefit II:

During the period leading up to Double Eleven, Etihad Airways will launch an innovative special-edition product called an "Advance Purchase Cards". This card offers a 10% discount. Guests can get the card by depositing CNY 199 during the pre-sales period. They will then pay the remaining amount on November 11th. Having paid in full, guests can use this card to redeem tickets during the ensuing 12-month period on Etihad's flagship store.

To meet the unique demands of different guests, Etihad will offer 200 x CNY 5,000 cards (guest pays CNY 4,500) and 200 x CNY 3,000 cards (guest pays CNY 2,700).

Booking Date: October 20th to November 11th, 2017.

Double Eleven Benefit III:

Etihad Airways will also launch a special campaign - "Travel Globally with a CNY 1 Ticket" on Alitrip. This activity, where winners can travel abroad for just CNY 1, will be held exclusively through lucky draws among Alitrip's tier 2 and 3 members. At the same time, Alitrip and Tmall members of all levels will have a chance to draw prize tickets - only having to pay the tax cost. For these lucky draws, Etihad Airways will offer 20 tickets to Nagoya and 30 tickets to Abu Dhabi. Lucky guests will have the chance to experience a memorable flight on one of the world's leading airlines.

Double Eleven Benefit IV:

In addition, Etihad Airways will also offer a benefit designed for those guests that have travel plans in the coming three to five months. Guests who are flying with Etihad Airways to 11 specially selected destinations on fixed dates (including Abu Dhabi / Milan / Rome / Istanbul / Zurich / Geneva / London / Maldives / Frankfurt / Munich) can book special tickets by making a deposit between October 20th and November 10th, and then making the final payment on November 11th.

Booking Date: October 20th to November 11th, 2017.

Reference Price: CNY 3000 (including tax) for Economy Class from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to Abu Dhabi.

Contributed by Etihad Aviation Group