Why us?

●Professional in aviation industry and pilots recruitment in China ●Aiming to build a tight but friendly connection with pilots and airlines

  ● Even as a young company in the pilots recruiting field in China, we Grand Wings staff are being interested in aviation industry for years. We concentrate on the newest information about the airlines and will keep pilots updated promptly.

  ● With young, energetic and experienced staff, we provide you reliable guidance for application, screening and registration. And efficient support for your duration in China and transfer to next employer. 

  Grand Wings is aiming to build a tight and friendly connection with all our pilots. As we understand that it is not so easy for an expat pilot to work in China which is far from home. We would love to do our best to provide you the best service to make you feel like at home. We will arrange well all the screening schedule for you before you come to China, included (but not limited) flight tickets, accommodation and the transportation. After your on-board, we will also be assisting you to deal with everything about your work and life in China.